Our client is one of India's finest specialty coffee company, with coffee roasteries in New Delhi and Mumbai area and a growing network of cafes.

They are focused on sourcing, roasting, brewing the best beans India has to offer.

With different variety of specialty coffee blends to choose from, all their coffees are sourced from leading growers.


To propel their growth and to advance their visibility in Indian coffee market.

The Scenario

Despite India is the third largest coffee producing nation, per capita consumption of Coffee is very low. One of the key reason being the quality of coffee served was not up to the global standard which became the thought propeller for our client to open a speciality Coffee company. The firm is funded by two most prestigious family in India. The vision is to become one of the leading Coffee brand in next five years. Hence our client was seeking a coffee director who would be responsible to oversee the quality of coffee across all their channels as a Q Grader. He/she should also be a thought Leader who can promote the coffee

The Challenge

Since India is a tea loving country, the challenge was to find out a certified Q grader for a very small coffee firm’s population.

The other challenge was to on board a curious and active individual who would be in sync with latest trends in brewing, roasting and cafe culture who has a zeal to travel across the country from sourcing green coffee to building traceable and long-term relationships with coffee farmers to ensure quality roasts.

Considering lack of particular skill in India, the strategy was changed in between and a brand new search for candidates from mature International market like USA, UK, Australia and Singapore was established.


The requirement was discussed in detail and a strong pitch book was created. A team of researcher and consultants were dedicated to lead the search and ensure successful delivery.

Veda mapped over 5 leading coffee chains in India and realized the unavailability for desired talents hence the team went on to the drawing board and revamped the whole strategy to explore International market. On mapping candidates form US, Australia, UK, Ireland and Singapore market,18 potential candidates were screened from targeted industry after an extensive research and market analysis on Q Graders and their community.


The search was completed within timeline and desired budget. We on-boarded a candidate from Australia who has played a thought propeller role in the past. Veda also added value by providing the market intelligence and competition strategies for various firms, which was gather during the research and discussion. We also helped our client to engage with few senior passionate Coffee professionals who are willing to become the advisor without any remuneration. Our approach has been appreciated by the client by sharing more searches and making Veda as their preferred partner.