Our Client
  • • Fortune top 30 companies, serving more than 75 million people with a revenue of 100 billion USD
  • • Largest diversified health and well-being company with approx. 80,000 employees worldwide
  • • Headquartered in USA with its operations in all 50 U.S. states and more than 50 nationwide
  • • Provides comprehensive commercial health benefits for individuals, small and mid size businesses and large national and international companies

Fortune top 30, NASDAQ listed, $100 Billion, US HQ Healthcare Firm


Setting up business in India and create a global Technology hub

The Scenario

Our client was seeking dynamic leaders with proven credentials to establish its India Leader- ship Management team. The core team was expected to scale the operations and create a strong position for the company in India.

Veda Executive Search & Consulting was re- tained to support the India entry mandate for the client.

We were mandated to hire the entire leader- ship team for the client including the Head IT, Enterprise Architect, QA head, Delivery heads, CFO, APAC Head-HR and other positions.

Veda was also retained for talent mapping ex- ercise and advisor to facilitate strategic tie-ups with Infrastructure providers, outsourcing part- ners and other vendors.

The Challenge

The client had no prior operational experience in Indian market.

Also as one of the late entrants in the country, the client had bleak brand recognition in the industry.

Since the Client was not a typical IT company but a captive of a Healthcare giant, the oppor- tunity to attract leadership talent to a startup operation was poised against a strong chal- lenge.

There was a perception about the quality of work in a captive vs a product and solution driven companies hence bringing quality talent on board was a herculean task.

The cost of acquiring talent had to be main- tained within a rationalized budget.


The client's requirements were discussed in detail leading to an in-depth un- derstanding of their strategic goals and objectives.

Veda dedicated an internal team of consultants, vertical experts and appro- priate resources to lead the search & ensure successful delivery.

We followed a detailed process of industry mapping, identifying target com- panies in healthcare sector. Veda mapped over 22 firms and 34 top execu- tives from target industry.

Additionally, we gathered recommendations and referrals from our extensive network of contacts.

A strong pitch book was created for the client’s proposition and was repre- sented by our experts to engage with the desired candidates.

Our consultants strongly evangelized the targeted candidates against the res- ervations and exposed them to the opportunities in the proposition.

A meticulous assessment of these candidates was carried out by our partners keeping the clients requirement as the screening criteria.

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Veda successfully completed the leadership searches for Head of IT, Enterprise Architect , Delivery heads, QA head, CFO, Head of facility, Employee Relation Head, and Business Head searches well within the desired timelines.

The appointed management team consists of few of the most eminent figures in the Indian industry and has headed prestigious MNCs in the past.

The other leadership searches are also on track with anticipated closure within the defined timelines.

The delivery output has resulted in Veda becoming the search partner of choice for the client and con- tinues to support all leadership search mandates for the firm.