About the Firm

The firm was founded by a seasoned IIT alumni which aspires to be India’s largest rental brokerage company, powered by cutting edge technology and completely transform the home search experience of tenants. Our client operates in the uncontested Rental submarket, which generates $2.5Bn in brokerage.

The strategy has been to first create access to inventory in the market through its B2B Software , which is used by brokers to exchange information and then create a platform for the users to have a hassle free access of their home needs.


The firm was looking to set up its leadership team which can help to achieve their business objective.


The search was completed within timeline and desired budget. We on-boarded 10 leaders from firms like google, McKinsey etc.Veda also added value by providing the market intelligence and competition strategies for various firms, which was gather during the research and discussion. We also helped our client to engage with few senior passionate professionals who were willing to become the advisor. Our approach has been appreciated by the client by sharing more searches and making Veda as their preferred partner.

About Veda

Veda is an unique confluence of search and consulting which helps its clients to solve business challenges through people.

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Veda Search and Consulting Private Limited

6th Floor Paras down town Centre, Golf Course Road

The Scenario

Our client was seeking dynamic leaders as a Co Founder/CEO, business heads and tech leadership team with proven credentials and have ability to work like an entrepreneur. Considering the idea and people behind, it was important to on board people with good pedigree and proven leadership skill.

The Challenge

The most daunting challenge was it was a start up which was just an idea on a paper. There were no operational or proven credential for this new concept in the market place.


Being a startup which was at a pre funding stage, the firm was not in position to pay existing or market based compensation.

The Strategy

The client's requirements were discussed in detail leading to an in-depth understanding of their strategic goals and objective. Veda dedicated an internal team of consultants, vertical experts and appropriate resources to lead the search & ensure successful delivery.

A strong pitch book was created for the client’s proposition and was represented by our experts to engage with the desired candidates.Our consultants strongly evangelised the targeted candidates against the reservation and exposed them to the opportunities in the proposition.